What are Bill Lipschutz's trading tactics?

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  • How does the source of funds affect your trading performance?
  • Individual traders should make full use of their advantages: the ability to refuse trades; independent decision-making; convenience of information; flexibility; and less performance pressure.
  • Do you have a crazy focus and passion - a childish enthusiasm for the market - that others think you are crazy?
  • The self must be harmonized by introspection.
  • If 80 out of every 100 trades result in losses, can you still maintain a profitable situation?
  • Enhance control ability, accumulate odds, and minimize the element of luck as much as possible.
  • What is your view of the market?
  • Even if you don't believe in some analytical methods, as long as they have enough influence on the market, you still need to understand them.
  • Based on your view of the market, structure the trade in the best position. Market views and position structures are equally important.
  • For a trade, the best structure may not be complicated.
  • To maintain long-term profitability, the profit potential of the trade should be several times the potential loss.
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