How to check the economic calendar?

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You can find many websites that provide forex economic calendars or data release schedules through the internet.

Every day is different because every day different countries are releasing economic data.

You can often see the same country releasing a lot of data at the same time. When this happens, it means that the price is very likely to have a strong reaction, so this is a good structure for news trading.

But there is also a risk here, that is, multiple data releases at the same time may cause a large back-and-forth volatility. You can also trade the data market when a country releases news at a certain time, but the volatility will not be very large in this case.

Generally speaking, having more than two data releases at the same time is the best trading time. You should also pay attention to the type of fundamental release. A key economic indicator release is more likely to cause price fluctuations than a speech.

It is very difficult to say what kind of release type can produce a strong price movement trend, but in actual operation, you should have a general feeling of these. Generally speaking, data released earlier in the period have more impact on the exchange rate than data released later.

Data in the overlapping part of the period also have more influence than data in the pure period. Check tomorrow’s economic calendar and decide on the trading variety and time accordingly.

Before trading, first establish a trading plan, so that you can continue to do the right thing. Using a trading plan can make you fully design the trading process and establish specific backup plans for different situations.

We recommend that you check the economic calendar for next week on the weekend and write down a specific trading plan for next week.

Of course, this plan includes the trading time, variety, steps, etc. For beginners, this process may take about an hour, but it is worth it, both for your current trading and long-term trading.

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