What is the Japanese Short-Term Economic Survey?

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Market importance: High importance.

Release time: Mid-April, July, October, and December, 8:50 a.m. Tokyo time.

Frequency: Quarterly.

Coverage period: The just-ended quarter.

Revision situation: Very rarely revised.

Japan has the most extensive economic data in the world after the United States and the Short-Term Economic Survey is considered one of the most important data items.

The Japanese government conducts a survey of nearly 10,000 businesses every quarter on the future trends of the industry, the confidence of the businesses in the short-term economic outlook, and their views on the current and future economic conditions and company profitability prospects.

A negative result indicates that more companies are pessimistic about the economic outlook than optimistic, while a positive result indicates that there are more companies that are optimistic about the economic outlook than pessimistic.

According to historical data statistics, the Short-Term Economic Survey data released by the Japanese government every quarter is very representative and can accurately predict Japan’s future economic trend, so it has a certain linkage with the stock market and the yen exchange rate fluctuations.

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