How does Jon Najarian explain the fun and perseverance of trading?

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Fatal Attraction

I found that the top traders all have a common trait: they love their work. Their dedication and passion create vitality in life, like a strong wind blowing a sailboat, without pursuing any special purpose.

"I think trading has to make you feel comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, then trading may not be your lifelong career, and your trading career will not last long. Many traders often say, 'If I make a big fortune, I will move to the charming seaside and run a surfing company or a leisure sports company', I can never do that."

"I am addicted to trading, I have to feel the market and trade. What I call addiction is not like a gambler who can't leave the gambling table, but I can't leave the market. I have no way to just supervise the people below to trade, I have to do it myself."

"I consider myself a good manager, but if someone offers me a management job with the same salary as I earn now, I can't accept it either, because I want to trade. Trading is an indispensable part of life."

Please note that Jon Najarian did not mention money as the reason why trading is fun. He loves trading because of trading itself. If you have a similar feeling about trading, then you are a minority of the outliers.

If you want to test your feelings about trading, you might as well write down ten things you find most interesting. See how quickly trading reflects in your mind, and you will know how much you love trading.

Pursuing the Dream of Perseverance

We should not think that Jon Najarian is always successful in trading activities. Sometimes he also suffers setbacks; sometimes he has to rely on perseverance to overcome difficulties.

"When I first entered this industry, I felt that I was not suitable. Everything was clueless, for me, the pricing of derivatives was a big problem, and I completely lacked this background. How do traders evaluate prices, how do they react to the buy/sell quotes offered by brokers, I have no idea. So, the experience of the first three months made me feel frustrated, and I had no idea about the pricing of derivatives."

"But I still gritted my teeth and came through, and slowly I got the hang of it. I think my advantage is my work ethic and problem-solving ability. My work ethic comes from my family, problem-solving ability comes from the difficulties I have encountered in my life. I prefer reasoning work. Even in this most difficult period, I did not look back, great."

"Of course, for many things, you can always learn different ways of handling, better ways of handling. This is a fun industry, I can't wait to get into the office every morning. I'm so lucky."

Jon Najarian's success today is not because he originally loved trading, but because he explored and experienced it with perseverance. Facing trading difficulties, we should all uphold the same spirit.

"When I first entered this industry, the problem was that no one could take care of me, I had to figure it out by myself. My football agent was supposed to take care of me; but his knowledge of trading was only limited to the scope of tax saving, once beyond the scope of tax saving, he knew nothing."

"So, in the initial period of entering the field, no one led me. Listed options were still new things at that time, even if some people knew, they did not want to reveal this advantage."

"Finally, I found a person who knew options, I was willing to work for him for free, just asking him to lead me into the threshold, and teach me how to trade. This was the first ray of light in the dark. I think, whether you are a man or a woman, determination is the most important."

"Of course, women have to face bigger obstacles: there are only about 2% of female traders there. In every exchange in the United States, the number of female traders is very small, so I think women have to overcome bigger obstacles. In addition, no one wants new competitors to join, no one wants to 'lead the wolf into the room'. If you are blocked outside, you have to have the courage to knock your head on the door, otherwise, you will not succeed."

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